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Welcome to The Your Marketing DFY Family!

The 4 Steps to Getting Started with DFY Newsletter Services.

First: Our Welcome Call

I’ll call your Office in the next 2 Business Days to walk you through everything we need to get set up (If we haven’t chatted already) and exactly how to do it.

Second: Get us your list.

Simply create a CSV file of your patient list, with this content, “First Name” “Last Name” “Email” or “Name” “Email”  Then send the list to  Not sure how to do that, call me and I’ll walk you through it.

Third: Get Your Logo to Us.

We need you to send your practice’s logo to us. You can email that file to me at (if you don’t have a logo file handy, don’t worry, we can discuss that on the call).

Finally: We Set a Launch Date.

You need to decide on your exact start date. We’ll be sending the email on the first Tuesday of each month (We can finalize this on our call).  A follow up email will be sent 7 days after the first to all the unopened newsletters.


If you have questions in the meantime, you can email me at and I’ll get back to you with an answer fast.

My Name is Dean and Because you are a personal client of mine I’ll be Your Account Manager here at Your Marketing Dr. I’ll be you Main Contact for anything you need and will be assisting you in getting Up and Running with our DFY ENewsletter Service.
Coach Dean Renfro

Dean Renfro
Customer Success Manager
Content DFY

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