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The 4 Steps to Getting Started with the Marketing Quotes.

First: IF you Bought the UPGRADE – Send Your Logo or Brand Image to  Us (if not, skip to step #2)

If you have not already done so, you need to email your logo or brand image. If you have it in a PNG that is preferred, if you have it in a dark version and light version, send both, it speeds up the process. (Some images have dark backgrounds and may require that your logo have a white mask background behind it to make it stand out.) You can email your logo to

Second: Download the basic quote package.

Since you are buying these quote images as a private label rights (PLR) there is no refund.  You can click the link below to download the basic package which is “zipped.” Once download it to your hard drive you can unzip the file to get access to the unbranded quotes, the original PSD (photoshop files) and an excel file that contains the quotes and authors. )

>>>>>Click Here To Download the Quote Zip file<<<<<

>>>>>Click Here To Download the PSD Zip file<<<<<

>>>>>Click Here To Download the Quote spreadsheet Zip file<<<<<

Third: If you bought the UPGRADE Branded Package We NEED Quote/Brand Approval (if not, skip to step #4)

Once you send us your logo, we will brand several image quotes and then send you an email with a link to download the images. (Look For an email from with the Subject line: Branded Quotes for  your approval).  Download the zipped file, unzip the file, inspect the quotes to insure the accuracy of your logo. Realize that the logo will not be in the same location on each quote due to the quote design, however the size will be the same.  If you approve the logo placement, you can reply to that email with an authorization to brand your package.

Fourth: Watch for an email from

Once your quotes are branded you will receive an email with at download link to your branded quotes. Click that link and download the zip file to your hard drive, then unzip that file.  The you can upload the images to a site of your choosing and schedule them to post at your directive.


If you have questions in the meantime, you can email me at and I’ll get back to you with an answer fast.

My Name is Dean and because you are a personal client of mine I’ll be Your Account Manager here at Your Marketing Dr. I’ll be you Main Contact for anything you need and will be assisting you in getting Up and Running with our Branded Quote Package.
Coach Dean Renfro

Dean Renfro
Customer Success Manager
Content DFY

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