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SMS Texting – Grow Your Business With Direct Response Marketing

SMS marketing There is no marketing channel more primed for enhancements and future development than SMS marketing.

“Mobile first advertising” has been a buzzword for marketers and businesses for many years now. But the notion that marketing campaigns should be focused on mobile ads alone is behind the times.

Consumers are already spending more than five hours per day on their mobile phones. Their text messaging app is the most used app on their phones — with 97% of Americans using it at least once per day.

Leveraging SMS marketing will give your business new opportunities to reach out to your customers and motivate them to take action.

SMS marketing is well-known by many of the most successful companies for its astonishing reach, jaw-dropping engagement, and powerful conversion rates:

  • Marketing texts have amazing response rates around 45%. This is better than the 34.36% clickthrough rate of a first-place Google search result ranking.
  • SMS produces engagement rates six to eight times higher than retailers normally achieve via email marketing.
  • 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received.

A well-planned SMS marketing campaign needs to be a part of your marketing plan if you want to stay ahead of your competitors.

Here’s Some Features Available with Our SMS Texting Service

What Advanced Messaging Features are Available?

As you will see from the list below, there are multiple advanced messaging features available to give your mobile marketing campaigns maximum impact. Every process from scheduling messages in advance to personalizing your messages with the recipients´ names is easy to follow; you can even record your own voice message and send it to thousands of contacts simultaneously.

Free Incoming Messages

YMDR Texting offers various powerful advanced text messaging services. Whether you have a Keyword that people are texting in or your contacts are replying to a message you sent them, incoming messages are always free. All incoming texts are stored in your Inbox. You can sort and export your incoming texts whenever you’d like. After sending a message from a short code, your contacts have 12 hours to reply.

Text Forwarding Services

Want to keep an eye on incoming messages without logging into your YMDR Texting account? Our text forwarding service lets you to do just that. Text forwarding allows you to automatically relay incoming texts to an email address or your own mobile phone. Incoming texts forwarded to your phone cost the same as any other text you send.

SMS Scheduling

Need to send a message next week but already know what you’re going to say? Schedule text message campaigns to go out at any date or time – down to the minute. You can even choose whether or not to send the message to people who join the contact group after you schedule the message but before it is sent.

Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns allow you to automatically send a timed series of text messages to a group of contacts. While you don’t need a Keyword for a Drip Campaign, most people connect a Drip Campaign to a group which someone can join by texting in a Keyword.

Recurring Messages

Recurring Texts allow you to compose a text message that will be sent out on a regular basis – daily, weekly or monthly, with all sorts of scheduling options. They’re great for messages such as recurring meeting reminders or weekly sales calls.


Every contact in your text marketing list is more than just a phone number. First and last name fields can be automatically merged into your mass text messages for a personal touch. Personalizing your mobile marketing campaigns with the recipients´ names is one of the best advanced messaging features for maximizing the impact of your message.

Message Templates

Message Templates allow you to save your favorite text messages for future use. When you want to use them, simply select one and we’ll load it right into the compose message page. You can even make tweaks each time you use it. Looking for ideas? We’ve added Starter Templates for popular industries and groups!

Poster Maker

Poster Maker enables you to create and display marketing flyers in your storefront, encouraging customers to opt-in to your SMS loyalty program. By showcasing a Keyword, short code and special offer on your poster, you give customers a clear call-to-action and a compelling reason to initiate a conversation.

Sign Up Widgets

Website Signup Widgets

Our dynamic and customizable signup widget can be placed on your website or sent via email (using a special, generated link) for fast and easy signup from visitors. If you have a blog, that’s another great place to add the signup widget.

Facebook Signup Widget

If you’ve got a Facebook Page, this widget is just for you. In a few easy steps, you can add a form to your Facebook page that allows visitors and fans to sign up for your text message marketing list. View our guide to setup the Facebook widget.

Twitter Integration

Why limit text blasts to cell phones? With YMDR’s Twitter integration, you can also simultaneously Tweet your message to all of your followers. If you have a Keyword, you can tweet a call-to-action that encourages your followers to text your Keyword and join your text marketing list.

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